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A catalyst for effective green hydrogen development

“Tower Group is securing its position as the hydrogen developer for the south west of the UK. Through collaboration, Tower Group will deliver on the promise of hydrogen and help to drive the UK towards Net Zero.”

Mission Statement


About us

Tower Group is a catalyst for green hydrogen development, creating a portfolio of renewable energy assets that solve industry and community challenges.

Based in the South West of England, we deliver full value chain services and develop renewable energy assets, including hydrogen hubs and bespoke hydrogen systems.

Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It has been a source of energy since the earliest stars ignited with hydrogen as their fuel.

Hydrogen is the sustainable energy solution for sectors that cannot be electrified and an essential element in the drive towards Net Zero.

Despite being a component of Town Gas which was used to heat homes in the UK until the 1960s hydrogen usage has until recently been limited to chemical feedstocks and other industrial processes.

The UK Government has now set a target of 10GW hydrogen production by 2030 for use in decarbonising heavy industry, road haulage, aviation and numerous other applications.


Hydrogen is incredibly versatile in its uses:

  • It can be stored indefinitely
  • It can be converted into electricity, making it applicable to vehicles powered by fuel cells but also grid balancing
  • It can be combusted as a fuel, either as pure hydrogen or blended
  • It can be used as a feedstock for chemical processes, such as in the production of fertilisers or e-fuels such as methanol

Due to its versatility hydrogen is an important partner for other renewable technologies especially when faced with constraint on the transmission networks. Tower Group’s hydrogen plants can accept curtailed energy, store it for later use or deploy it in other forms (i.e. as hydrogen gas or derivative fuels).

Hydrogen Fuel cell



with communities and collaborate across industry to drive innovation.


investment, consent and the UK’s energy future.


the nation by turning talk into action and making hydrogen a driving force on the UK’s journey to Net Zero.


Tower Group work with private clients to identify use cases for hydrogen in existing or planned operations and deliver a bespoke hydrogen system; from power generation to hydrogen production, bunkering (storage), usage and distribution.

Appledore Beachscape

Our Projects


Tower Group is leading a consortium that aims to deliver the UK’s first green hydrogen maritime ecosystem around Appledore Docks in northern Devon.

The region has all the necessary components to build a thriving green hydrogen ecosystem. We expect this project to be a platform for the decarbonisation of existing vessels and the provision of hydrogen to service vessels for Celtic Sea Floating Offshore Wind farms.

Our Team

Alex King – 
Chief Executive Officer

Alex trained as a geologist and has experience in designing and managing mining exploration programmes across the globe. Alex founded Tower Group having identified the opportunity to develop a green hydrogen ecosystem for the South West of England.

David Kempton – 
Non Executive Chairman

David was non-executive chairman of EGS Energy Ltd, Hawksmoor Investment Management and a non-executive director of Impax Funds Ireland. He is an experienced investor, proprietor of Kempton Holdings, who actively holds positions in quoted and private companies.

Marcus Yeoman – 
Non Executive Director

Marcus is chairman of Kipling House Investments Ltd. He was previously senior non-executive director of reach4entertainment plc and a number of other quoted companies. Springtime Consultants Ltd (his family business) continues to invest and assist fast growing ambitious businesses across a variety of sectors.

Daniel Maling – 
Non Executive Director

Daniel Maling Is Non-executive Chairman of Hydrogen Future Industries plc (AQSE:HFI), a member of the Chartered Accountants of Australia & New Zealand and has over 20 years of senior corporate and commercial management experience primarily in the natural resource and technology sectors.

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